We are proud to offer a beautiful and stylish collection of eyeglass frames in our optical, including Carolina Herrera, Woow, ProDesign, Silhouette, Rag & Bone, and more! Our extensive collection of designer frames is updated on a regular basis. If we don’t have a particular one in stock, we can order them for you.  We offer eyeglass frame options to suit most budgets.  

We also provide the latest lens options to ensure you experience comfortable, clear vision, whether you are working in front of a computer, driving, looking at your mobile device, watching television, or engaged in other daily activities. Shopping for new eyeglasses can feel overwhelming, but our friendly, experienced opticians will work with you to select the right eyeglass frames and lenses for your visual needs, budget, and taste.  We want you to be delighted with your new eyeglasses!

Eyeglasses Guarantee

At Avon Vision Associates and New Hartford Eye Associates, we stand behind our products. When you purchase eyeglasses from us, you will enjoy the following benefits:  

  • One-year warranty from manufacturer defects, not including accidental breakage or lost eyeglasses.  
  • Lifetime adjustment of the frame including complimentary replacements of screws and nose pads when necessary.

Eyeglass frames

The eyeglass frames you choose should be flattering for your face shape, skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Our friendly and experienced opticians will provide expert opinions on what eyeglass frame materials, types, and shapes would suit you best. 

Eyeglass lenses   

The eyeglass lenses and lens treatments you choose should help you see clearly in all of life’s activities. Whether you’re driving, using a computer, reading a book, looking at your phone, or playing sports, you need clear, comfortable vision through quality lenses.

Our optical staff will ask you about what you do for work, whether you have a commute, and what kind of hobbies you enjoy so they can recommend lens options that will best meet the visual needs of your lifestyle.  They are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and their recommendations are tailored to your individual needs and concerns.     

We offer the highest quality lens options in our optical to ensure you will experience crystal-clear, comfortable vision in any setting. Eyeglass lens materials can include polycarbonate, Trivex, and high index plastic. Our lenses can be treated for added benefits including UV-blocking treatment, photochromic treatment, scratch-resistant coating, and glare-control coating to make your vision experience even more comfortable.   

Single vision lenses  

These lenses have one dioptric power used throughout the entire lens. They are used to correct vision for both near and far distances.  

Bifocal lenses  

These lenses contain two prescriptions that have a dividing line between them. The top of the lens corrects for farsightedness and the bottom corrects for nearsightedness.     

Trifocal lenses  

These lenses include three prescriptions separated by lines and correct faraway, intermediate, and near vision.  

Progressive lenses  

These lenses also offer multiple prescriptions in one lens, but they are line-free, offering a smooth transition when shifting your view between the prescriptions.   There are many different styles of progressive lenses, and our optical staff will help decide which is the best fit for your visual needs.