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Myopia, or nearsightedness, occurs when people can see near objects clearly, but have blurred vision when looking at far objects. Myopia is caused by the eye growing elongated over time and leads to progressive loss of vision and prescription changes. The higher the myopia, the greater the physical elongation of the eye.  

  • Low myopia: -0.50 to -3.00  
  • Moderate myopia: -3.00 to -5.00  
  • High myopia: -5.00 and above  
  • Extreme myopia is sometimes used to describe myopia in excess of -10.00  

Myopia is very common. Up to 40% of adults in the United States have myopia and require some form of vision correction. Myopia typically begins during childhood while the eyes are growing and developing and usually gets progressively worse throughout adolescence and young adulthood. Myopia is associated with an increase in vision-threatening eye diseases such as retinal detachments, cataracts, glaucoma, and myopic macular degeneration later in life.   

What are the symptoms of myopia?   

  • Blurry vision when looking at far away objects.  
  • The need to squint to see objects clearly.  
  • Eyestrain.  
  • Experiencing headaches caused by straining your eyes.   

Myopia can affect children in their daily life including academic performance, sporting activities, social interactions, independence, and self-esteem. The doctors at Avon Vision Associates and New Hartford Eye Associates diagnose and treat myopia in children and adults. They also have expertise in working with children who have progressive myopia.


What are the treatment options for myopia?  

When children and adults are diagnosed with myopia, they receive a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Because progressive myopia has a negative impact on eye health and quality of life, it is important to get pediatric eye exams regularly to screen for this condition. The earlier myopia is diagnosed, the sooner the doctor can create a myopia management plan that can help your child avoid significant eye health issues later in life.  Some forms of myopia may be slowed or controlled in children if caught early enough. 

Our doctors are certified providers of a treatment designed to slow the progression of myopia which utilizes special contact lenses called MiSight® 1-day soft contact lenses. MiSight® 1-day soft contact lenses are the first and only soft contact lenses that are FDA approved to slow the progression of myopia in children aged 8-12 at the start of treatment. Approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) means that the lenses have been tested over a long period and have met all the safety requirements established.    

This form of myopia management is safe and proven to be effective. Kids ages 8-12 wearing MiSight® 1-day contact lenses experienced an average of 59 percent reduction of myopia progression when used over three years. 

Managing Myopia   

The first step to managing myopia is to schedule an appointment at Avon Vision Associates or New Hartford Eye Associates for a pediatric eye exam. Our optometrists will perform various tests to check your child’s eyes, determine overall eye health, and screen for myopia. If myopia is discovered, your doctor will guide you through the proper treatment plan to correct it and prevent further progression.