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The eye doctors at Avon Vision Associates and New Hartford Eye Associates provide expert eye health and vision care for children. Kids experience eye health and vision problems, and an eye exam performed by an optometrist is essential to detect these issues early in a child’s life so that they receive proper care before problems can advance and impact their development and quality of life. Our qualified eye doctors can thoroughly examine, diagnose, and treat the eye health needs of children.   

Kids are not always able to effectively communicate about their vision difficulties, so their eye health problems can be difficult to detect. If left unchecked, these problems can be progressive and may negatively impact your child’s life as they grow up. It is important for your child to see an eye doctor regularly for pediatric eye exams, particularly if you suspect he or she may be struggling with vision problems.   

What are the signs of a vision problem in children?  

If you notice your child has one or more of these symptoms or behaviors, they may have an eye health or vision problem.  

  • Frequent blinking, squinting, or irregular eye movements   
  • Frequently turning or tilting their head   
  • Covering or closing one eye to see better   
  • Poor hand-eye coordination or motor skills   
  • Rubbing their eyes frequently   
  • Frequent headaches   
  • Leaning in too close to see something or read   
  • Learning difficulties and poor handwriting   

The pediatric eye exams we offer will detect eye defects and vision impairment while also assessing your child’s risk for developing eye conditions later in life.  Our exams are far more in-depth than those offered at schools or in a pediatrician’s office. Exams conducted by schools or pediatricians screen for potential vision problems but cannot diagnose or treat them, which means you will often be directed to a pediatric optometrist for a more thorough exam if an issue is suspected.    

If your child is diagnosed with myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness, it will most likely continue to progressively worsen as your child grows, which can put them at an increased risk of developing serious eye diseases later in life. Our eye doctors provide myopia management to help prevent myopia from worsening.  Some forms of myopia may be slowed or controlled in children if caught early enough!

We encourage parents to be proactive and get their child’s eyes checked regularly. An early diagnosis of a problem could decrease the risk for potential eye health complications later in their life and improve their quality of life overall.  Contact us today to set up your child’s eye exam with our optometrists.