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TearCare® System – Treatment for Dry Eye  

One of the most common underlying causes of dry eye disease is meibomian gland dysfunction.  

Meibomian gland dysfunction 

Your meibomian glands are small glands in your eyelids that produce the oily layer of your tears. If these glands get inflamed and clogged, then less oil is secreted into the tear film and causes your tears to evaporate more quickly than they should, resulting in the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye.  

Aging can increase your risk of developing meibomian gland dysfunction. Wearing eyeliner and other makeup and not properly removing it at night can also clog the meibomian glands. It also often occurs with another common condition called blepharitis, which results in inflamed eyelids, discharge, and styes, which cause a sensitive bump at the base of the eyelid.  

TearCare® System 

The TearCare® System is an FDA-approved treatment for dry eye due to meibomian gland dysfunction.  

What can I expect during TearCare® treatment?  

Two flexible eyelid devices will be placed on the upper and lower eyelids to apply localized heat to the meibomian glands. The gentle heat helps to clear the clogged glands.  

You can keep your eyes open throughout the treatment and blink normally. The treatment only takes a few minutes, after which your eye doctor may manually express or clear away obstructions from your meibomian glands.  

What are the benefits of TearCare® treatment?  

Other treatments for meibomian gland dysfunction require something to be placed over your eyes and for you to keep your eyes shut, but TearCare® treatment allows you to keep your eyes open and blink normally throughout for maximum comfort.  

TearCare® treatments are also highly effective at clearing blockages and providing long-lasting relief from dry eye. If your dry eye is due to meibomian gland dysfunction, speak to your eye doctor at Avon Vision Associates or New Hartford Eye Associates about TearCare® treatments.