Firefly WDR
Slit Lamp


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Our eye doctors use the Firefly WDR slit lamp microscope during comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams, medical eye exams, and when completing an evaluation for dry eye disease and ocular surface disease.  

This advanced technology provides your eye doctor with the information they need to complete highly efficient eye health and vision care.   

  • The Firefly WDR slit lamp microscope is a high-quality optical microscope with the extraordinary resolution to meet doctors’ higher optical quality requirements for better accuracy and safer diagnostic results.  
  • It has an ultra-sensitive camera, providing clear and sharp visibility even under weak light.  
  • It has a wide dynamic range in which the iris and sclera images are clearly presented simultaneously with a more realistic and evenly distributed color. 
  • It contains a unique infrared light source module to support the observation of the meibomian gland, which aids your eye doctor in dry eye disease and ocular surface disease evaluation.  
  • It also contains a built-in yellow filter, which helps your eye doctor to obtain a clear tissue image with enhanced contrast.  

When evaluating patients for dry eye disease and ocular surface disease, this device enables them to do the following 

Meibomian gland observation 

The device’s built-in infrared light source allows your eye doctor to accurately judge the absence of the meibomian glands. 

Tear film breakup time  

Using the high-performance digital module, your eye doctor can get the tear film breakup time and judge its stability with high-resolution video recording. 

Red eyes analysis and keratopathy exposure 

Using the built-in yellow filter, your eye doctor can accurately analyze eye surface damage and inflammation images. 

Tear meniscus height 

Your eye doctor can obtain tear meniscus height by using the measuring function in the Mediview software and effectively evaluate tear meniscus height.