At IDOC MEMBER Optometric, we understand that everyone requires different care. Find the eye care products that meet your specific needs.

DOOViC Computer Reading Glasses with Blue Light Protection

Lorem Ipsom…Do you spend long hours on your computer for school or work? Help prevent digital eye strain with these prescription computer reading glasses from DOOViC!

Oiamik Non-Rx Blue Light Glasses for Computer (No Magnification)

Lorem Ipsom…Digital eye strain can affect everyone, including those who don’t need glasses. If you’re looking for digital eye strain and headache relief, try Oiamik Blue Light Blocking glasses!

Nerdwax Magic Drops Eyeglass Cleaner

Lorem Ipsom…Have your lenses looking as good as new with the help of the Nerdwax Magic Drops Glasses Cleaning Kit! It’s small, easy to take with you, but most of all, it works.

Nerdwax No Slip

Lorem Ipsom…Having trouble with your glasses slipping off your nose? Use this Nerdwax anti-slip wax and wear your glasses with comfort and security.

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

Lorem Ipsom…These individually wrapped eyeglass cleaning wipes are perfect for the glasses-wearer who’s always on the go!

Optix 55 Non-Rx Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Lorem Ipsom…We all will eventually have to drive at night, but with these glasses, you can drive confidently without sacrificing too much of your vision. These polarized lenses with a comfortable plastic frame help reduce the glare from oncoming traffic and street lights. You can even use them as sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun!

OPTI-FREE PureMoist Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution

Lorem Ipsom…Clean and store your contact lenses with the OPTI-FREE PureMoist Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution. This solution helps disinfect your contact lenses when you’re not wearing them and keeps them feeling comfortable during use.

TheraSpecs Audrey Migraine Glasses

Lorem Ipsom…Look amazing while protecting your eyes from light sensitivity and migraines with these beautiful glasses from TheraSpecs. These lenses are precision-tinted to help block light that can cause headaches, light sensitivity, and symptoms related to brain injury.

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